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German License Plates types

In Germany there are several types of license plates. They all have different codes, stickers or colors. Here you can see what the differences are.

Plate type Example picture Description


german plate passenger Black on white, up to 3 letters for the town code, seals and then 1 or 2 serial letters and up to 4 numbers. There are never more than 8 letters/numbers in total on the plate.

City Government

german plate city government Does not have serial letters after the seals, but only up to 4 numbers.


german plate seasonal Valid starting the first day in the month above the dash and the registration is automatically stopped at the last day of the month number under the dash. Very often used for motorbikes and campers.


german plate historical Indicated by the H as last letter on the plate. Only for vehicles of 30 years and older. They pay less tax with these plates.

Tax free

german plate tax free Always green on white. Mainly used by tractors and trailers.


german plate dealer Always red on white.


german plate temporary 5 day temporary plate expires on the day in the yellow band. These plates carry a blue town seal and are only vaid within Germany.


german plate export Export license plates expire on the day in the red band and are used for driving a car bought in Germany by a foreigner from Germany to abroad over the road. The plates have a red town seal.
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