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Production process French plates

All our French license plates are made on our own authentic French license plate press. The letter set used is authentic French as well and exactly the same as used in France since the 1970s.

At the pictures below we try to give you an impression how the French plates are manufactured :

Step 1

letter box

stack of blank license plates
The letter box with all dies (letters and numbers) for the embossing process and a stock of blank plates.

Step 2

die Each die consists of 2 parts (male and female), the male one goes under the blank plate, the female (mirror one) goes above the blank plate to press out the number.

Step 3

placed dies All dies needed for the combination are placed in the bottom part of the jig

Step 4

blank license plate The blank plate (made of double aluminum) is placed above the dies.

Step 5

jig placed on license plate The top part of the jig is placed on the plate and the (mirror) dies are placed exactly above the dies which are under the plate.

Step 6

jig placed in press The jig (with the dies on top and bottom and the plate 'sandwiched' between it) is placed in the manual press.

Step 7

each letter is pressed seperately With the manual press, each letter/number is pressed seperately.

Step 8

pressing of a letter Close up picture of pressing a letter.

Step 9

plate comes out of the press This is how the plate looks when out of the press. Stamping shapes the thick aluminium and cuts the thin aluminium top coat.

Step 10

combination is visible The letters/numbers which are cut out of the top coat can easy be removed, the bottom aluminum coat is now visable where the combination is pressed.

Step 11

finished french license plate The finished plate.

Step 12

pair of matching french license plates As a matching pair.
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