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Ordering questions

How can I order my own plate ?
- Please use the ‘Order’ button on the main page

How many characters fit on a Geman or other European Euro style plate ?
- Max 9 characters can be placed on a plate with the classic or modern letters. Max 15 characters on an Euro style plate with the smaller FUN letters.
On French plates fit 11 characters on a plate without Eurofield, 10 characters on an Europlate without the blue band at the right and 7 characters on a current style Euro plate with blue band at the left and right.

Why does a space count as a character too ?
- a space costs space on the plate and is therefore a character as well

I would like to order a plate without the blue Euro area, is that possible ?
- yes, that is possible, you can find this type at the Custom other European plates page at the bottom of the drop down menu..

Can I buy just a frame without plate ?
- plain black frames without advertising are available for $ 15 including postage. Please use the contact form to order one.

Can you make smaller license plates, like USA size width ?
- yes, most sizes are possible. Please use the contact form to order such a plate. Smaller plates do not come with a frame.

Which characters are possible to put on the plate ?
- all letters from A to Z, the numbers from 0 to 9, the point (.), the dash (-), aposthophe (') and the letters with Umlaut Ä,Ö and Ü
other characters are not possible. By French plates only the letters from A to Z, the numbers and the point are possible (no dash)

I would like to order more than one plate.
- After you placed the order for the first plate in the cart, you can add more orders to the cart by going back to the main page.
You get 15% discount on the total amount of the order when ordering 2 or more plates.

I would like to order a different plate which is not available at the on-line order site
- Please use the contact form to inquire if it is possible to order the plate and to place to order.

Can I get a preview of the plate I would like to order ?
- Yes, you get an automatic preview if you use the Order button on the main page. You can always cancel the order as long as you did not pay for it.

What is the process to give to you the custom name for de plate?.
- On the main page of this site you can use the Order button, in a few steps you can create your own plate

My keyboard has no Ä Ö and Ü . How do I tell you I want them.
- You can copy and paste them from above or just mention it in the Note field with your payment or send a short message through the contact form after your order was proceed on which letters the dots should be. All will work fine.

I made an error by my order, can you change it ?
- Please contact us directly after you notice the error, so it can be changed.

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