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Mounting questions

** See also the mounting instruction section **

Will the plate fit on my car, make ‘X’, model ‘Y’ ?
- it is impossible for us to know the specifications of all cars. In general : the plates have a width of about 20.5 x 4.5 inch. If you have space on your car available of about 21x5 inch (when mounted with frame), it will fit.

How can I mount the plate to the car ?
- All plates (except genuine French ones) come with a free mounting frame. You can mount the frame to your car with bolts or strong double sided tape and then place the plate in the frame.
An instruction of that is available in the mounting instruction part of this site

Do I have to drill holes into my bumper or will the frame align with the ones that are already there?
- If you have already like 2 standard holes for an US plate, you can mount the frame with 2 bolts in those two holes. If there are no holes, you can drill the holes you need or use strong double sided tape.

I have a car with a very curved front bumper (like Audi TT). Can I bend the plate/frame is plate to go along with the contour of the bumper?
- Yes, a minor curving is no problem when mounting the frame

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