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Product questions

Are the letters stamped (embossed) or are they just stickers placed on the plate ?
- Yes, all plates are made on high quality German license plate blanks with a stamping machine.

Which size do the plates have ?
- Standard German (European) plates are 52x11 cm = about 20.5 x 4.5 inch.
Genuine French plates have the same width, but a height of 4.2 inch

Can I get a German word printed backwards? (mirror letters)
- No, this is not possible

Why are dots not possible on more letters than only the A,O and U ?
- In German language dots only exist on the A, O and U.

Why do the plates come with incomplete or no seals ?
- By German law the seals have to be damaged/defaced to cancel the registration of the vehicle

The white background on the plate is that "reflectorized" ?
- Yes

Can I get the plate without the frame ?
- All plates (except authentic French plates) are shipped with a free frame.
This helps to stiff the package and to avoid bendings of the plate during shipping.

Why do French plates not come with a frame ?
- In France frames are unknown, all plates are mounted with screws or ‘rivets’.
Due to the heigt is just a little less than a standard German plate, the French plates do not fit in a German frame (they would fall out of it).

Can you make a plate with a special character? Like a heart?
- The following special characters are possible :
(bunny, horseshoe, add symbol, double heart, rings and star)
You can add these symbols at the order page for German and other European plates.

Are lower case letters possible?
- The classic and mordern letters are in capital letters. By the smaller FUN letters lower case letters are possible.
By authentic French plates only upper case letters are possible.

Are the letters and numbers you put on the plate raised like authentic ones or just printed onto it?
- all plates are made just as authentic German plates on exactly the same blank plates.
The letters and numbers are stamped (embossed) and then painted

Do you include the "validation stickers" with the purchase?
- By German law it is impossible to get these stickers, they would made a plate valid. Just as the US DMW does not give out valid seals as ‘souvenir’, in Germany this is not possible as well.

Are these metal or plastic plates ?
-the plates are metal (aluminum)

Could I use these plates legal as real official license plates in my state/country?
- The plates are supplied as souvenir plates, they are not to replace any officially issued plate.

Is there a way you could put a word with more than 9 characters on the plate ?
- Yes, when you select the bout 15 characters fit on a plate.
please use the contact form to order a plate with these letters.

Do you take returns?
- customized items cannot be returned. Used or mint plates can be returned, the item price will be refunded when the product is received. The postage costs for returning the item are paid by the buyer.

Do you know the German word for … ?
- please use the contact form, in most cases we can help.

What is the German city code on license plates for the city … ?
- check the information page for a list with all actual German city codes

Can you put 2 lines on a plate ?
- No, this is not possible.

I am looking for a German license plate from city .. Do you have one available ?
- Please use the contact form, plates from many cities are available

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